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As the third generation in charge of our cutting edge, high performance, privately held corporation, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally introduce our company, our philosophy and our product areas to you. As you explore our website learning more about us, please remember you may also contact us directly by using one of the forms, clicking an e-mail link or calling and speaking to us. We would welcome your inquiry and make every effort to answer you in the professional, capable manner you’d expect of a company incorporated for more than sixty five years.

Our company was founded by my Grandfather in 1942 with the development of a revolutionary new invention – what we believe was the first fan-forced airborne combustion heater. During World War II, the B-25 and A-26 aircraft flying over Germany at high altitudes would experience freezing temperatures, which in turn would freeze the lubricating grease in their defensive machine guns. Harry Glascock’s invention would ensure that regardless of the temperature extremes, every aircraft with our heater fitted would be able to defend itself against enemy interceptors.

Since that time, our products have been used on countless aerospace and defense-related products in service worldwide. Whether in the air, on the ground or over water, during times of conflict or operating in peaceful conditions, our products have served with distinction for commercial customers and militaries alike the world over. Fully qualified to a multitude of standards on noise, shock, performance, vibration, EMI and RFI emissions as well as environmental extremes, you are assured that our products can be relied on for years to come.

Many of you know of us as “Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc” and may not fully understand the implications of the new “DAE Systems” banner. I’d like to take this opportunity to assure you that nothing has changed organizationally – we have merely begun to market the other elements of our core business as separate concerns. This includes TriNertia, our commercial/industrial fan, motor, and air filter line, Mil3PL, our logistics and services wing, MilMotion, our engineered electromagnetics line, Dynamic Air, our engineered fan line and AMPrecise our custom machine services division. All of these elements have, in fact, been in service since our incorporation in 1942, but were never developed as separate lines. Over the past few years, we’ve been very successful at developing a new customer base in these other lines and hope for the opportunity to add many of you to our growing client list.

Our personal mission of providing the most cost effective, highest quality solutions to our customers extends throughout each one of the groups listed above. Our collection of highly skilled craftspeople looks forward to the chance to exceed your expectations of quality, delivery and cost at every level.

I sincerely appreciate your visit today, and on behalf of all of the employees of DAE Systems, can assure you we all look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Jeremy I. Morrison
DAE Systems and its divisions have a 70 year history of partnering with important and valued suppliers. A supplier is a partner in providing quality products with reliable performance. DAE is always open to meeting with new suppliers who share our values of providing our customers with quality products, excellent service, and customer support.

A supplier's performance is measured on the basis of product quality, cost, and on time delivery. Additional requirements may apply depending on a customer's specific contracts requirements. Suppliers are advised to be registered to ISO/AS9100:2000 Rev B, or compliant to ISO/AS9100:2000 Rev B, or FAA FAR Part 21 depending on which division(s) they wish to sell to. We review supplier performance quarterly. A DAE Certified Supplier is entered into the Dock to Stock Program.

DAE Systems values its supplier relationships. Potential new Suppliers are encouraged to contact us directly through the “contact us now” link in the upper right hand area of this page.
DAE Systems extends an invitation to distributors and representatives who are interested in selling the complete line of DAE Systems products. DAE Systems offers potential agents the products and services necessary to build a growing and substantial business. DAE Systems brings over 65 years of experience in manufacturing high quality components and subassemblies for the defense, industrial, and commercial marketplace.

The new DAE Systems sales representative will have access to the broad and deep line of MilMotion brand motors and controllers and Dynamic Air brand fans and blowers. These products were developed for the defense, resource extraction, and medical capital equipment industries.

The TriNertia brand of commercial off-the-shelf motors, blowers and pumps are ideal catalog distribution items.

DAE Systems also offers a build to print machining service business (AMPrecise) and a logistic support service business (Mil3PL) that is an ideal partner for defense contractors and those in need of customized distribution.

When you chose to represent DAE Systems, you are inheriting the experience and leadership of a proven performer, manufacturing and distributing precision motors and fans since 1942. DAE, the company that defined and expanded the horizon for quality and reliability in military grade motors, fans, and blowers, now brings that proud tradition of quality to the commercial market place. All this benefits you, the independent sales representative and distributor, and your ability to grow a profitable business.

Potential new distributors and sales reps are encouraged to contact us directly through the "contact us now" link in the upper right hand area of this page.

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